Internal Mounted Strainers Series

SC Series – Die Cast Aluminum Nut Cap  •  SE Series – Nylon Nut Cap  •  ST Series – Steel Nut Cap


  • Used in fluid reservoirs or sumps
  • Flows to 100 GPM (378 LPM)
  • 1/2” to 3” NPT
  • Stainless steel pleated media. 100 mesh standard 30, 60, or 200 mesh optional
  • Temperature to 212° F (100° C)
  • Compatible with petroleum and mineral based fluids

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Maradyne Fluid Power Strainers


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Why Maradyne Fluid Power?

Maradyne Fluid Power has produced the industries most reliable line of hydraulic system filters and products for half a century. A clean hydraulic system is a must for efficient and cost effective fluid power. Maradyne Fluid Power meets the demanding needs of today’s hydraulic systems; producing Filter Units and Strainers with Filtration from 3 to 262micron, Flow Ratings to 150 GPM, and Operating Pressures to 3000PSI. MPF also offers Vacuum, Pressure, and Differential Indicators to monitor the condition of your system.

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