Maradyne Fluid Power Products

Browse our full product line, from high-pressure ball valves to the most crucial accessories.
maradyne power fluid high pressure ball valves

Ball Valves

Maradyne Power Fluid ball valves are easily and fully repairable and require NO lubrication or maintenance for the entire life of the valve. Featuring our “Floating Ball” design, insuring a positive, leak-free seal that automatically compensates for seat wear or misalignment.

Maradyne Fluid Power Multi-Port Dual Element Filters


Maradyne Power Fluid filters, filtration assemblies, and filtration elements include single and dual element sump filters, mini sump and mini line filters, multi-port filters, low, medium, and high pressure filters, single and twin spin-on filters, and micro glass elements.

Maradyne Fluid Power Strainers


Maradyne Fluid Power’s line of strainer products include tank-mounted, thread-style, hose barb, o-ring, and more. Our TMS and TMSS Series, TMSFA Series, TMSB Series, TMP Series, and our TMST Series strainers come in a variety of sizes and specifications.

Maradyne Fluid Power Breathers


Maradyne Fluid Power’s breathers line includes plastic strainers with optional dipstick, our high-volume breather series, threaded-style, high neck and filler breathers, bayonet style, reservoir air breather adapters, desiccant and desiccant adapters. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications.

Maradyne Fluid Power Weld Flanges

Weld Flanges

Maradyne Fluid Power’s weld flanges include our WFFM Series couplers, our low carbon steel WFCF series, our WHC series weld flanges with half couplings, and our TWF Series SAE J1926/1 O-Ring Boss Weld Flanges with available NPT threads.

Maradyne Fluid Power Accessories


Browse our full line of accessories, including tank diffusers, our line of gauges, low pressure, vacuum/suction , and differential pressure indicators, reservoirs, plugs, covers, cleaners, spin-on crossovers, and more.

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