Mini Sump Filters

7 Models


Mini sump filters are designed for suction line filtration in fluid power, lubrication, fuel and related systems. Lengths and port sizes differ depending on dirt holding capacity and flow requirements.


  • Low cost and compact
  • Cleanable wire cloth media.
  • Flow rating to 10 GPM (38/L/min.) for all models except 202505, which is raised to 4 GPM (15 L/min.)



  • Nominal Rating: 150 micron
  • Wire Cloth: Stainless Steel
  • Fitting and Cap: Aluminum
  • Construction: Epoxy Bond
  • Operating Temperature: 275F
  • (135C) maximum
  • Service: Most hydraulic fluids

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Why Maradyne Fluid Power?

Maradyne Fluid Power has produced the industries most reliable line of hydraulic system filters and products for half a century. A clean hydraulic system is a must for efficient and cost effective fluid power. Maradyne Fluid Power meets the demanding needs of today’s hydraulic systems; producing Filter Units and Strainers with Filtration from 3 to 262micron, Flow Ratings to 150 GPM, and Operating Pressures to 3000PSI. MPF also offers Vacuum, Pressure, and Differential Indicators to monitor the condition of your system.

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